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Equipment and Facilities

Wiltshire Ballistic Services is equipped with state-of-the-art MS Instruments ballistic instrumentation and targeting systems. Fully calibrated and accredited the range has the ability to measure velocity, shot position, and rate of fire for all types of ballistic testing.

We can test a wide range of calibres and use only the most accurate equipment which is designed by MS Instruments, an expert in ballistic instrumentation. The equipment we use is constantly being upgraded and developed meaning our results are always of the highest standard.

We have a Photron SA3 high speed video camera which is capable of up to 120,000 frames a second, a HD camcorder to record trials in real time and a digital camera to take photographs of the trial if required. We have two ovens and two large freezers, which allows us to pre-condition armoured panels at any temperature from -40°C up to +90°C. We also have the ability to produce ballistic gelatine blocks to assess the impact characteristics of ammunition.


  • Separate stab testing room
  • Live fire demonstration facility
  • 0.15′ to 20 mm capability indoors
  • 30 and 40 mm outdoors
  • Various range distances available 10, 20, 30, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 100 m
  • Universal breech firing mechanisms
  • Velocity electronic targets
  • Various jigs and fixtures to handle many different types of impact testing
  • Various weapons mounts to fire remotely the majority of small arms
  • High-speed camera and photography


  • Ballistic testing
  • Body armour trials facility
  • Armoured vehicle component and accessory testing
  • Opaque armour testing
  • Transparent armour testing
  • Ammunition proofing and evaluation
  • Ballistics training
  • Weapon function testing
  • Overpressure testing
  • Fragment attack
  • Grenade and high explosive attack